Happy wedding anniversary!


March 9th is our wedding anniverasary.
We enjoyed a special dinner at our favorite restaurant.


A few words make you happy

I like to say “Thank you!”
I want everybody to realize the happiness of saying “Thank you!”

When I get “Thank you!” messages from e-mail friends,
I am really happy and feel like reading them again and again.
A few words such as “Thank you!” make me happy.

I have a childless friend who sends me e-mails.
I am afraid she doesn’t like to say “Thank you!”
Without the words, she writes about what she just wants me to do.
I know she is nice and smart, but she doesn’t know a few words make other people happy.
If she knows that, she won’t be misunderstood and will be happier.

I pray for you!

I heard a tragedy that happened to my friend’s sister-in-law.
While crossing the street,
she and her mother were hit by a distracted driver.

I haven’t seen her,
but I pray for her.

I feel sympathy for my friend because my father was also hit by a careless driver
while crossing the street at green light.

He didn’t recover,
but I wish she will recover.

There are prayers for her in the world.
When I say a prayer for her, my prayer is small.
But when her family and friends pray with me, our prayers are great.

I am praying for her recovery…

The Feast of Nirvana

What is the day after St.Valentine Day?
February 15th is the day the Buddha passed in to “complete Nirvana” just after giving his last teachings,
so it’s said “The Feast of Nirvana.”

Married Men No Kids

One of my childfree friends created a bulletin board site for childfree/childless men,
so I also started “Married Men No Kids BBS”.

This is my friend’s BBS.

It’s written in Japanese.
If you want to write in your language,
please use plain English to help us understand.

This is my BBS.

It’s written in Japanese.
If you want to write your comment,
please write in plain English.